Title webinar: 

Prescriptive, Predictive and Preventive maintenance of rotating assets; the non-building industry approach.


Rotating assets, like pumps, fans, turbines, etc., are found everywhere and as all mechanical components they will eventually break-down. As we all know this always happens when you don’t want it or when it is time consuming to replacement parts. Apart from unplanned downtime and unavailability cost, the energy waste by inefficient operation is huge. In this webinar insights will be given into the sensors and methods used by different industries like Wind, Marine, Food and traditional energy to prevent unplanned downtime, increase availability and reduce energy and waste by even optimizing their operation.

Speaker (s)

Eric van Genuchten: Operation Officer at Sensing 360

Energetic entrepreneurial scientist with passion for innovation & senior project leader. Expertise in R&D, business development & data analysis.


24 November 2022

16:00 - 17:00