The furtherance of species conservation has become the predominant objective of EAZA and its Members. It's now clear that the zoo and aquarium community's role in conservation extends far beyond helping to save endangered species through ex situ population management programmes. Through their links with in situ projects many Members of EAZA are active in the conservation of species within their different habitats and entire ecosystems.

The EAZA Conservation Forum is a biennial event bringing together over 100 representatives of zoos and aquariums, conservation organisations and in situ conservation projects for three days of workshops, presentations and other activities. The programme will be have specific focus on how to deliver (field) conservation activities of high quality and impact, no matter the scale. 
The 8th edition of the Conservation Forum will be hosted by Zoo Ostrava, Czech Republic from 4-7 June 2024

Pricing schedule

Full conference, early rate     €420
Full conference, regular rate €505
Single day, early rate €145
Single day, regular rate €175

Early bird rate is available until 9 April 2024, student discount fees are not available. 

Optional costs:

  • Post-conference day tour to Kozmice Bird Meadows: €15


Conference schedule

Tuesday 4 June EAZA Academy Course, side meetings & Icebreaker
Wednesday 5 June Forum Day 1
Thursday 6 June Forum Day 2
Friday 7 June Forum Day 3 & Farewell dinner
Saturday 8 June Optional guided zoo visit & excursion to Kozmice Bird Meadows


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