We would like to invite you for our

PhD Pitch Symposium

5 February 2024 | 16:00 - 17:00
to be determined



• Welcome and update by the CIN Directors

Presentations CIN Project
Milo Imbeni - Unraveling pathology in neuroinflammatory diseases through advanced microscopy and high field MRI

Marillien Marzolla - Understanding sensory processing sensitivity from an integrated psychological, economic and health science perspective.

James Wilkinson - Levelling the playing field: Empowering fatigued brains in economic decision making.

Charlotte Kroll - Dissecting the pro-social effects of oxytocin (Oxy-Pro)

17.00 hrs. Drinks

UNS50 K0.470 Paarse zaal


On behalf of the Directors,

Alexander Sack, Bart Rutten, Arno Riedl