Date: April 25
Time: 9:30 – 16:00 hrs. (vegan breakfast, lunch and drinks included)
Location: Hillevliet 90, 3074 KD Rotterdam

Session guides text

David Dragan (Fine Arts) - Binding Stories, 302
The session approaches a form of networking through storytelling, energetic work and movement. Despite our differences, we must learn to coexist and work together for our artistic and personal development. This session will not only make you feel closer to yourself but also to the people around you.

Holly (Musical Theatre) - Inspirational Writing Session, 002
A technical writing workshop to learn how to draw inspiration from yourself for your art.

Jeanne Hensinger (Dance) - Moving Network, 003
In addition to exchanging verbally, networking is about how physical language, the
ability to listen and see around can give us tools to bond with others and how it is way more impactful than we think. In this moving session, we'll explore how we can picture the creation of a network by shaping the space, create movement together and have fun experiencing how our bodies will express themselves.

Lío Spinnewijn (Fine Art) - How to propagate a gardener?, Garden
In this session we are going to create a performative garden. To do so, we focus on
learning through soil, networking with nature through the lens of your own practice and by working together on lifelong learning with other (non)human makers.

Sadie Girigorie (Graphic Design)- Human Printers, 301
This session is an exploration of printmaking through accessible tools. With common
items we create A3 posters, reminiscent of risography and screen printing. Although a manual process, the prints appear easily and quickly.

Melody Nolan (Circus Arts) - A Fine Line , Auditorium
In this session, we will work from a physical perspective to invite dialogue between
circus and fine arts. How can we recognize, respond to, and challenge the boundaries of our own practices? We will approach these questions through the lens of circus using acrobatics, movement, and group work.

25 April 2023

09:30 - 16:00

Codarts x WdKA Creative Collab Sessions