Meet Your Co-Founder XL

Find the right co-founder to build your startup!


Meet Your Co-Founder XL is a live national matchmaking event to find a promising tech start-up to join or to find a co-founder that can strengthen your tech company.
Our next event will take place at LEVEL UP on Monday September 25, 2023 in Evoluon, Eindhoven. 
During the Meet Your Co-Founder XL event, you will get the opportunity to either pitch your tech start-up or present yourself to potentially find a talent match made in heaven.
For whom?*
Are you a promising tech start-up with a leadership vacancy? Or are you ready to strengthen an innovative start-up with your super powers? Ideally we introduce as many opportunities to you as possible. We are looking for:
  • Tech startups in all stages are welcome (from idea or research phase to scale-up phase).
  • Both potential co-founders with a track record (serial entrepreneurs) as well as first time entrepreneurs with either a tech or business background are welcome.

Make sure you sign up now!

 *This event is NOT for: consultants, recruiters or other people not willing to put skin in the game

Application process 
1. Register for Meet Your Co-Founder XL before September 11, at 12:00 pm.
2. We select tech companies and co-founders based on the criteria of motivation, supply & demand and criteria as indicated by the start-up’s needs.
3. In case you are selected to join our curated match-making event, you will receive an official invitation before September 16, 2023.
This event is co-created by LEVEL UP & and supported by all university incubators of Incubators United.


Date: Monday September 25, 2023 

Time: 19:00 pm - 21:00 pm
LocationRestaurant Evoluon, Eindhoven
Registration Deadline: Monday September 11, 2023, 12:00 pm. 
There is limited capacity, so apply fast!
We are looking forward to meet you during Meet Your Co-Founder XL!
Day Programme LEVEL UP
Meet Your Co-Founder XL is a side event of LEVEL UP – a full day event to accelerate your startup. Please find more information about LEVEL UP here. In case you want to join LEVEL UP during the day, please register separately here.
Incubators United is a collaboration of public incubators connected to Dutch universities and knowledge institutes. Together we can leverage our start-up support facilities and make the right connections in our Dutch ecosystem. 


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