Make sure to let us know your preference for the activity during the company outing. Please take into account that your choice can change if one option does not have enough applicants. 


Click on the option to get more information about the activity.


Also notice:

- Wear comfortable clothing (might get wet or dirty)

- The location of the outing is not accessible by public transport. Try to carpool with a colleague. There are also company cars available if carpool is not an option.


Location of the outing:

Hoeksekade 162, 2661 JL Bergschenhoek


Make sure you will arrive at 14:00. 

Canoe polo is a sport for water lovers! You play the ball to each other by throwing it or hitting it away with your paddle. Collaborating with your colleagues is a must during this activity. That is why you will practice before this exciting game.

Make sure you wear suitable clothing and notice, your clothes can get wet. 


Arrow Battle is a combination of intensity and excitement that is also experienced when playing dodgeball or paintball. Arrow Battle gives no bruises, but the same game experience as paintball.

First we will practice archery. The instructor will explain this to you, because archery on a moving target is not easy! After the practice, you will grab your bow and arrow and go to the playing field in the forest. Are you ready? Put on your masks, draw bows and shoot! Whoever shoots all the targets out of the opponent's field first or manages to hit all opponents wins.

Be aware that your clothes can get dirty. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes.


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