Welcome on the registration website of the DelftBlue SuperComputer course, organized by the Delft High Performance Computing Centre (DHPC).

On June 27 & 28 2022, there will be a comprehensive introduction course on the DelftBlue Supercomputer.

Starting in June 2022, the first central supercomputer at TU Delft, DelftBlue, will be available for research and education to all TU Delft staff. To give you a head start on this new and exciting facility, the Delft High-Performance Computing center (DHPC) organizes a two-day workshop on June 27 and 28. The two days have separate themes and (learning) objectives, and you may register for either of them, or both.

On both days, there will be plenty of time to get hands-on experience on DelftBlue, and experienced HPC users and developers will be available for questions and discussions.

Day 1: getting started on DelftBlue

This day targets people who have never worked on an HPC cluster and want to get an understanding of how such a machine works and can be used in practice. The contents of the course do not go far beyond what is presented in the online documentation but should enable you to;

  • understand the basic concepts of DelftBlue (shared vs. distributed memory, node types, job scheduling, managing your data, and accounting),
  • login, create a job script, start a batch or interactive job, and transfer data between DelftBlue and your local machine or network storage.
  • effectively use the documentation to familiarize yourself with the machine,
  • have a rough overview of software and programming models suitable for use on DelftBlue.

Day 2: Introduction to High Performance Computing on DelftBlue

This day targets both experienced and new HPC users. Its aim is to develop a model of DelftBlue in your mind which you can then use to determine how to optimally map your applications onto the real machine. Furthermore, we will recap the essential usage of DelftBlue from day 1, and discuss some advanced topics like using the data transfer and visualization nodes, and assessing program performance.

At the end of the day, you should

  • have a good overview of the complete system and how to use it for your applications,
  • understand the system description of DelftBlue in more detail (e.g. network topology, basic performance characteristics),
  • know some useful tools and workflows for debugging, profiling and performance analysis, pre- and post-processing.

The registration is open until June 20, 2022. The maximum number of participants is 50 participants. Please register early as we expect that more than 50 people will be interested in course.

The fee covers registration, lunches, refreshments and the course material. The regular fee for 2-days is € 200 and TU Delft staff and students pays € 100. For members of DCSE this course is for free. Payments can be made online by wire transfer, credit card or iDEAL. If you have paid the registration fee and would like to deregister, we will charge you €10.


TU Delft/ Building 35
PC Hall 11, room 2
Cornelis Drebbelweg 5
2628 CM Delft

We look forward to welcoming you in Delft,

The organization committee