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People Power:
Unlocking the potential of your Team!


Developing Your Team, Supporting Conservation and Making More Money

Strategies, Techniques and Skills to empower your team to use Guest engagement to Enhance Experiences, Maximise Messaging and Increase Income

Course Aims:
This CREW training and development program will communicate the core philosophies of flexible, accessible, guest engagement, awareness and service excellence to enable participants to return to their sites and mentor/empower their whole team, developing their practical skills and confidence to engage with guests more effectively, enjoyably and creatively. Throughout the process participants will define, refine and learn how to disseminate best practice across the whole guest experience.

This will develop their team consistency, providing industry leading, quality service and engagement that will raise their Attractions profile, reputation and educational effect. The participants will learn how to adapt and appeal to all guest needs in a way that enhances experiences, rewards/extends dwell time, adds value, increases secondary spend/service usage and repeat/recommended business thereby increasing and sustaining education and income targets and guest figures into the future…

‘Every Guest, Every Time’! Throughout the process participants will partake in an exploration of transferable strategies and skills that will help them walk away with their own ‘road map’ for embedding the most effective Engagement Strategies at their site.


Tutors: Adam Senior, managing director of both CREW training and ConsComm.

Aimed at: Directors, management and higher level, content will focus on culture building and cultural change in zoos and aquarium with an emphasis on the power of visitor engagement to drive education, conservation, and income generation. With a view to participants instilling these attributes within their teams.

Language: English

Taught hours: 30 (5 days)

Dates: 22-26 Jan 2024

Cost: EAZA members: €559,  Non-members: €699

Location: EAZA Executive Office, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Links to other courses: Covers Level 1, 2 and 3 guest engagement training and marries with open online courses available for other team members https://crewtraining.uk.net/online-courses/

Course Structure: Over the 5 days the participants will work with international colleagues to explore:

Day 1: Guest Engagement Excellence: Key Strategies, Philosophies and Team Development Skills for Ensuring Guest Engagement Excellence across their Teams. Participants will follow Level 1 One-to-One Communication Confidence, Guest Engagement and Up-selling Skills. This develops strategies and engagement skills to enhance the performance, effectiveness and consistency across their teams; providing service excellence, enhancing the visitor experiences, improving messaging and increasing income.

Day 2:  AM: Guest Engagement Application: Putting these Strategies into place, by creating clear creative ‘road maps’ for insitu application, enhancing the performance of their teams and onsite guest engagement.
PM: Mentoring and Team Development Skills: Giving participants the mentoring skills to develop, nurture and support their staff and volunteer teams in the workplace, developing and sustaining excellence in guest experiences, increased dwell time, repeat/recommended business and ensuring greater product/service promotion and returns.

Day 3: Group Engagement Skills: This module develops participants’ confidence to plan design and deliver ‘Small Group’ engagements and create pop up ‘mini events’ across their site, anytime, anywhere. Participants explore the skills, formats, resources and strategies to engage and interact with groups of guests in different settings e.g. queue busking, welcome events, conferences, fairs and festivals; enhancing guest experiences, increase dwell time, build repeat/recommended business and ensure greater product/service promotion and returns.

Day 4: Audience Engagement and Presentation Skills: This module develops the confidence and presentation skills to interact with larger audiences in creative, enjoyable and exciting ways. It shows participant the very best in interactive presentation skills and the strategies for delivering their messaging, information and products to larger audiences in the most effective and enjoyable ways. Participants will be able to return to their sites with the techniques and skills to gather, excite and engage larger groups of guests with memorable talks, tours and events.

Day 5:  AM: Communication and Incentives: This module allows the participants to agree and develop their own personal/site specific key targets for their Guest Engagement Culture Development and service /product promotion programmes, developing strategies for internal communication and marketing, whilst creating a system of incentives and rewards to inspire and empower their teams.

PM: Culture Building Strategies: Developing confidence and communication strategies with key messaging strands and putting strategies into place to organise, inspire, support and challenging their staff and volunteer teams to deliver consistently improved performances across their departments.


This process will enable the participants to focus their skills, commitment and passion into efficient, creative and strategic guest engagements. It will give them the confidence and skills to develop their personal engagement skills which they will then use to inspire their team’s performance. The process will enable the individual growth of each participant’s confidence, ability and commitment and allow them to collectively agree strategies for application across their sites whilst understanding the need for consistent delivery. This will help them to nurture their own teams to grow in confidence and the ability, to deliver effective, experience enhancing engagements, in a flexible way for use in any of the environments throughout their sites. This delivery will be underpinned by the feedback and evaluation systems that participants can use to support and sustain the training legacy and positive culture change. This program will define, refine and disseminate ‘best practice’ across all participants, improving their guest experiences, enhancing messaging, promoting further service/product engagement, increasing dwell time, added value and secondary spend… “Every Guest, Every Time”!                                                                             Adam Senior, Managing Director

CREW training and Development

Learning Outcomes:

The main aim of this program is to give the participants the confidence to develop the skills and strategies to provide service excellence and guest engagement across their sites.


The following specific aims will enable the team to realise their potential and capitalise on the different environments within their guest experiences. This process will vastly improve the quality of team/visitor interactions by enabling the participants to develop the communication confidence and guest engagement skills to respond to any situation. This process will:

  • Teach the fundamental importance of their visitor orchestration, advice, engagement and service/product promotion roles.
  • Define the roles of their teams as a combination of Advisor, Engagement Officer, Messaging Communicator, Service/Experience Promoter and Conservation Ambassadors.
  • Develop a consistency of communication and orchestration techniques.
  • Develop a consistency of visitor engagement values and standards.
  • Develop consistent engagement strategies that use orchestration duties to provide opportunities for visit enhancement, product promotion and conservation messaging across their sites at targeted times and locations.
  • Enable participants to approach and engage with visitors of all ages and demographics.
  • Enhance participant’s communication confidence to engage and inspire their teams and guests to connect with conservation and encourage further interaction with their collections, products and services.
  • Give participants the strategies and skills to enable their teams to ‘Walk ‘n’ Talk’ freely throughout the site, acting as wayfinders, enhancing visitor experiences and orchestrating visitor flow.
  • Help participants interact with guests in an open, relaxed, flexible and yet efficient, coordinated and consistent way allowing for bespoke visitor experiences, developing transferable life skills that make their organization a fun place to work and succeed.
  • Help the team to develop these strategies for visitor engagement and to capitalise upon these opportunities to increase dwell time, visitor satisfaction, conservation awareness and secondary spend.
  • Embed a set of ‘Explorer Skills’ that encourage visitor interaction with the experiences and environments, increasing enjoyment, dwell time and value for money; ultimately opening access to further events and experiences.
  • Develop Level 2 group engagement and presentation skills that enable the team to deliver interactive improvised ‘mini events’ across their site.
  • Develop Level 3 presentation skills that enable the participants to deliver interactive talks, tours and workshops.
  • Develop ‘Mentoring and Culture Building’ Skills that enable them to inspire, challenge and nuture their teams performance.
  • Bond and empower the participants with shared experiences, techniques, strategies and terminology.
  • Create a pride in developing consistent, coordinated and vibrant engagement cultures.
  • Leave the participants with the knowledge, understanding and skill sets that will raise their aspirations to develop further engagement programs, events and interactions.
  • Encourage peer-to-peer evaluation, feedback, mentoring and support.
  • Empower the participants with the evaluation and mentor skills/systems to sustain the ‘Culture Change’ and continue the professional progression/development of their teams.
  • The ability to return to their sites and embed a culture change that ensures everyone plays their part… “Every Guest, Every Time!”

Biography of Tutor

Adam Senior is the managing director of both CREW training and ConsComm.

At CREWtraining.uk.net Adam and his team help organisations in the leisure and attractions industry to empower their people with guest engagement,  effective conservation messaging, presentation and up-selling skills. They do this through developing communication confidence and engagement skills in individuals and creating consistent strategies across client teams to enhance visitor and virtual experiences, maximise income, donations and support. In the ConsComm.com community Adam plays a vital role in creatively collaborating with zoos, aquaria, museums, gardens, NGO’s and ethical commercial partners to support global conservation and sustainability through developing best practice, audience engagement, content development and income generation in an increasingly challenging world.


Additional information:
Each Module is supported with fully comprehensive manuals, skills cards and support information.



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