Exhibit Design and Planning


Tutors: Monika Fiby, Landscape architect and zoo design consultant; Manager,  ZooLex Zoo Design
Tomislav Krizmanic, Educator, Zagreb Zoo

Aimed at: Directors, curators, project managers, architects, anyone interested in learning about animal exhibit design principles and planning processes

Language: English

Taught hours: 12 (2 days)

Dates: 1-2 March 2023

Cost: EAZA members: €245 Non-members: €310

Location: EAZA Executive Office, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Links to other courses: Covers material linked to EPZQF topic 3.1, Enclosure Design

Course Aims:
Creating successful exhibits is a complex process, often made more difficult by the need to integrate demands from various stakeholders e.g. finance, animals, keepers, educators, visitors etc. By the end of this course participants will have thorough understanding about what makes an exhibit appropriate for animals, attractive for visitors, and convenient for keepers, whilst managing the various demands relating to aspects of exhibit planning.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this course you will be able to:
1. Evaluate the needs of the various user groups in a zoo/aquarium
2. Discuss technical terms related to planning and the theoretical background on which to base design decisions
3. Examine a range of design options in zoos and aquariums
4. Recognise the implications of design decisions and better judge the complexity of design tasks and the quality of design outcomes.
5. Identify ideas applicable to your own zoo or aquarium


  • Principles of zoo design;
    • the needs of zoo user groups
    • visitor experience
    • education and learning
    • circulation
    • types of animal exhibits
    • built-in enrichment
    • use of plants
    • enclosure barriers and animal viewing
  • Examples from various zoos and aquariums illustrating the principles
  • Evaluation of the completed exhibit.
  • Individual and group work analysing exhibit design
  • Group work on a conceptual design using a zoo site
  • Presentations and feedback to conceptual designs


Additional information:
Papers and articles related to the topic will be provided for further reading.


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