Helis course FAIR data stewardship 

3rd edition of
FAIR data stewardship (for the life sciences)

Did you ever wonder how to improve your data handling in your daily research practice? Want to improve the FAIRness of your data? 

Did you recently start a job as data steward? Are you thinking of starting a career as a data steward in the life sciences in academia or industry?

Join this introductory course to FAIR data stewardship in the life sciences!


The course exists of the following six half-days, that together form a full course:

  • March 17, 2021 (13-17 CET)
  • March 18 (13-17)
  • March 22 (9-13)
  • March 24 (9-13) 
  • March 29 (9-13)
  • March 31 (9-13)


Virtual (via Zoom)



Target audience

This introductory course is for researchers, data stewards, and any others interested in the topic of FAIR data stewardship

Course description

During this course researchers, data stewards and experts of fields related to data stewardship will introduce you to several areas of research data management and technologies which ease the process of creating and maintaining FAIR research data.

The course will introduce the trainees to important concepts of data stewardship and the data steward competency framework. We start with a general introduction covering the data life cycle and the FAIR data principles.

Course topics

We will pass the stages of the data life cycle in more detail in the training modules of the course. The following topics will be discussed at an introductory level:

  • Data stewardship competency framework & the FAIR data stewardship landscape
  • (Reviewing) data management plans
  • Informed consent procedures 
  • Data discovery and capturing data 
  • Preregistration 
  • Data security and privacy
  • Infrastructure for storing and sharing data
  • Tools for processing and analysing data
  • Organising, versioning and documenting data
  • Data and software carpentry
  • Archiving data
  • Data rights
  • FAIR data 
  • Metadata & ontologies 

The detailed course program can be found here (still subject to change). 

The training is organised by the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences and is delivered as a joint effort by DTL partners.


Gaining knowledge on:

  • Data management life cycle
  • FAIR data principles
  • FAIR data stewardship

Required skills

There are no prior knowledge or programming skills needed.


There is a maximum of 30 participants

Registration fees:

  • € 180 (excl. VAT) for Master students and PhD candidates
  • € 300 (excl. VAT) for academic staff and researchers (non-profit)
  • € 300 (excl. VAT) industry participants (for profit)

You can register via the registration form.    

Partners for this course

This course is part of the Data Analysis and Stewardship theme of Helis Academy and is organised by DTL and DTL collaborators. The partners in this Helis Academy theme are DTL, VIB, TU/e and Maastricht University and info about other courses in the theme of Data Analysis and Stewardship can be found on the Helis Academy website and on the Helis Academy page on the DTL website.

Courses in the other 5 themes of Helis Academy can be found via the Helis Academy website


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