We are pleased to announce the FEANTSA Forum 2024 will take place on the Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th of June 2024, at the ARCOTEL Wimberger in Vienna, Austria.

To view the entire Forum programme, you can visit the FEANTSA website. Click here for more details.

Schedule overview:*

Monday 17 June

Please note for FEANTSA members our General Assembly will take place on the morning of 17 June. This year Elections will take place, and members must attend the General Assembly in order to have travel and accommodation covered. This will be followed by a short meeting of the new AC.

On the afternoon of 17 June, participants are invited to join a series of site visits to services throughout Vienna. You can check the locations in the conference programme.

There will be simultaneous working spaces at the Forum venue, including a networking session facilitated by FEANTSA. These sessions will take the format of closed or open meetings for projects and organisations. Please see the programme for details about the open sessions.

In the evening there will be a Forum Dinner at the Handwerk Restaurant at the Arcotel Wimberger.

Tuesday 18 June

On 18 June attendees will participate in the main programme, including a plenary panel debate on tough questions in the homeless sector. The plenary will be followed by a series of smaller breakout sessions throughout the day which will include workshops, seminars, ‘In conversation with’s and ‘Spotlight on’s. The day will conclude a closing plenary, looking at the OECD’s new toolkit of strategies to combat homelessness.

In the evening there will also be another Forum dinner at the Handwerk Restaurant.


*For members of the Administrative Council, please note there will be an AC meeting in the afternoon of 16 June.

 The working language for the Forum will be English.


Deadline for Registrations:  1 June 2024


About the venue: The ARCOTEL Wimberger is a hotel located in the 7th district of Vienna, by the Westbahnhof station. There will be several rooms available to book when registering for the Forum, on a first come, first serve basis.


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