Dear graduating student,

On behalf of the Board of Examiners and the Programme Coordinator we would like to congratulate you on the successful completion of the 1 Year Master in Psychology! We are happy to invite you to celebrate this during the Graduation Ceremony for the Master in Psychology.

Date: Thursday 24 November 2022
Time: 10.00 – 14.00 hrs
Registration: 10.00 – 11.00 hrs
Drinks: 13.00 – 14.00 hrs
Start graduation ceremony: 11.00 hrs
Location: MECC Maastricht, Forum 100, 6229 GV Maastricht

We kindly ask you to confirm your attendance before 14 November and let us know how many guests you would like to bring with you to the ceremony. You may bring a maximum of 3 guests.

During the ceremony, we would like to show a slide with your photo, your thesis title and a personal quote. To download the template, click on this link. The template will automatically download. Once you have created your slide, you can upload it via the registration form.

In order to make this ceremony fun and personal, we would like you to send us all 1 or 2 photos, that represents your time at FPN (if other people are on the photo, please make sure to get their approval before sending it to us). We will carefully select material to use during the ceremony. You can upload the photos via the registration form.

Please note: depending on what is sent in, a choice will be made. There’s a possibility that we cannot use everything, either because of the maximum length of the ceremony, the quality of the material or other considerations.

I've already picked up my diploma, can I still join?
Yes, you are still welcome to join the graduation ceremony and celebrate with your fellow students, friends and family. During the ceremony you will not receive the diploma (since you already have it), but you will receive a symbolic graduation envelop.

To ensure a smooth and timely Graduation Ceremony we ask you to do the following:

On Thursday 24 November, please register with a valid photo-ID (e.g. passport or ID-card) at the MECC registration desk. You will be asked to sign a form, which you will need to take with you to the actual ceremony and hand it over when receiving your diploma.

We have reserved seats for you and your fellow graduates. Your guests may choose their own seating in the Auditorium. 

Livestream Graduation Ceremony

For the students who are unable to join us onsite in the MECC, we are going to broadcast the Graduation Ceremony via livestream. This way you can still be part of the celebration. You can also share the livestream with family and friends to watch from anywhere in the world. Of course, this is also goes for students who are onsite. You will receive the link for the livestream a week before the Graduation Ceremony.

We look forward to hear from you and hope to see you on Thursday 24 November!

Kind regards,

Wendy Beuken & Caroline van Loo 
Event Coordinators 
Faculty Psychology and Neuroscience