Health-RI - Geared up to accelerate


We are excited to invite you to our live meeting at Jaarbeurs Media Plaza in Utrecht. 

The Dutch cabinet has selected Health-RI's National Growth Fund proposal for a national health data infrastructure. Now, Health-RI is making all preparations to quickly take the necessary steps forward. 

Our journey along the Growth Fund trajectory will start on Tuesday 5 October at the Health-RI Accelerator meeting in Utrecht. We cordially invite you to join us! 

In the morning, we will festively kick-off with all parties involved and a prominent speaker. In the afternoon we will discuss the goals for the next two years in specialist workshops. Together we will define the actions necessary to realize a national health data infrastructure. Who can do what, and how? 

Of course, we'll make sure there's plenty of time to celebrate our next step together.  

Looking forward to meeting you all ‘in real life’ again! 

Registration for the morning program is open! The registration for the workshops will open later. 

Kind regards,  

The Health-RI team 
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congress registration
 congress registration