Health-RI Conference 2021

Perspectives on the health data landscape


Meet the experts at the on-line Health-RI conference on March 4th. Learn more about health data infrastructures both from a national and international perspective and the Health-RI communities. Participation is free, but registration is required.

Please note that the conference will only be accessible via the Networkapp! Read more about how to join the conference here

Keynote speaker: Prof. Aarno Palotie M.D. PhD, Human Genomics program at FIMM-HiLife.

Prof. Aarno Palotie will give a keynote on the Finnish Genomic research landscape and Finngen. A project which combines the genome and national health record data from 500.000 Finnish participants.

An important part of Health-RI’s activities is taking place within knowledge institutes and research infrastructural programs in the common Health-RI network. This network hosts various communities of people that either share similar interests, face common challenges or pursue the same goals.

The Health-RI conference will showcase these Health-RI communities. Meet the experts at the Health-RI conference and find out what the Health-RI communities have to offer and how you can join to accomplish your goals.

Like previous years, there will be flash talks, a general Health-RI update, and a network session with poster/demo presentations. Check the full conference program.


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Read about last year's Health-RI conference here



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