HybridLabs Launch​​​​​​​​​​​​​

16 February 2024

Aula Conference Center

HybridLabs Launch

Co-creation between disciplines and stakeholders to accelerate the energy transition whilst strengthening offshore food and nature transitions

HybridLabs is a consortium of 37 partners that will accelerate innovations in offshore renewable energy through data-driven hybrid labs. The scale of infrastructure and innovations in HybridLabs is unique. We create a Dutch infrastructure connecting hybrid experimental facilities, simulators and offshore demonstration sites, which learn from each other using new data- and physics-driven approaches. This nationwide infrastructure will be used to test innovations, such as new monitoring techniques, nature-strengthening offshore renewables, and new control and design strategies for floating installation techniques. Additionally, the consortium will ensure the supply chain's readiness and will lift potential barriers to implementation, whether legal, financial, ecological, or societal.

HybridLabs also strategically positions the Dutch knowledge and innovation chain for floating wind energy in international markets, such as on the Irish Atlantic coast, creating a solid position for the Dutch knowledge and innovation chain. HybridLabs is a €13m research project funded by NWO under the NWA-ORC call.

During the launch on February 16, we will celebrate the essence of HybridLabs: the co-creation between disciplines and stakeholders for accelerating the energy transition whilst also strengthening the offshore nature and food transitions. Several HybridLabs partners will share their vision through presentations and panel discussions.

After the Hybridlabs Launch, Professor Axelle Viré will give her inaugural lecture entitled “Floating Winds of Change”, where she will present her ongoing work and vision in floating wind energy.

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Location & Directions

TU Delft | Aula Conference Centre

Mekelweg 5

2628 CC Delft