Welcome to the registration website of the Ideation club of YES!Delft Students. Check out what this club can offer you, and see which project are running now!

What is the Ideation Club?

The ideation club is an initiative of YES!Delft Students. We try to connect companies with students. Large companies have a hard time to innovate, to generate and develop new ideas for problems that they encounter. You as a student can play a key role in solving the problems of these companies, and to get their innovation up to speed.

A number of companies offer you their problems and possibilities for innovation. You can choose which problem you would like to work on. If you find an innovative solution for these problems there are two possibilities: either you sell your solution to the company directly, or you build a start-up around this innovation and work together with the company to develop your innovative solution. 

Kind regards,
YES!Delft Students Board