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Urban Planning
Wednesday 9 February 
Online in Teams! 

Powerful presentations are given every month during IGO Talk on current topics or themes that play a role within the Built Environment. An IGO version of TED Talk!


What differences are there between the approach to Urban planning in Canada and the Netherlands? And what about Vancouver and Rotterdam specifically?

Are you curious about the answers to the questions above? Then join us in the IGO Talk 'Urban planning in Canada versus The Netherlands'. In this fourth IGO Talk, Nadia Pucci takes you to Vancouver, Canada. How is urban planning approached there, are there smart working methods that can be learned from? And what are the differences between the Canadian approach and the Dutch one? What lessons are there for Canada compared to Dutch processes?

In this IGO Talk, Nadia Pucci will give answers based on what she sees as a Canadian here in the Netherlands versus her home country.  Nadia holds a Master's in Urban and Regional Planning and has a strong passion for spatial planning in addition to real estate development and investment.
Nadia will
discuss the use of long-term visions per district, something we do not know (in such detail) here in the Netherlands. The differences between Rotterdam and Vancouver are also discussed: how do you deal with the skyline of a city and the spatial planning?

After the presentation we will host an ‘Aftertalk’ in the same meeting for those who want to have more in depth conversations.

Will you join the IGO Talk on Wednesday 9 February at 15.30?