Meet Greet Work


By now it has become clear that we're living in new times. Old certainties are no longer there and much about the future is still unknown. Exploring the labour market can thus be quite a challenge. How do you find interesting connections within your professional field? How do you move in the labour market, now that personal, offline networking no longer is a given? What does that labour market actually look like?

In order to fulfill the need to connect with organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, UM Career Services organizes the online network event Meet Greet Work:


Date: Wednesday, June 16th
Time: 15:00h – 19:00h


During the event, you can meet several organisations within a variety of sectors. In 45-minute sessions, they will provide an introductory session to get to know the organisation. Towards the end of the event there will be the opportunity to connect with them one-on-one.