Meet the Startups | 3rd October, 2023

The 7th edition of the Meet the Startups event is here! The latest YES!Delft startups will unveil the newest and most revolutionary technological innovation from our ecosystem.

Register here and join us in the afternoon of the 3rd of October to discover state-of-the-art innovations and to connect with the YES!Delft startups and partners.


The doors will open at 14:45.

15:00 - 16:00 Innovation Playground 

Within the Innovation Playground, you'll have a unique opportunity to engage with highly ambitious entrepreneurs, explore emerging startups, and thoroughly examine the prototypes and innovations showcased by the YES!Delft community.

16:00 - 17:15 Plenary Show

Come and be part of the Plenary Show, where a selection of our newest startups will pitch their groundbreaking technologies. In this year's edition, you will hear the stories of Reliq, Starnus Tech, Lobster Robotics, MEMSYS, and SoundCell.

Furthermore, you will have the chance to win a DNA test that can provide insights into your ancestry and reveal fascinating details about your body. OASYS NOW will oversee this process to guarantee the security of your data, ensuring it remains exclusively yours!

17:15 - 18:30 Networking Drinks

Now is your chance to interact with the startups, explore their prototypes, and expand your network.

Let's connect & innovate together, so register here before September 26th.




event registration made easy
 event registration made easy