18 January 2018


Official opening


Session 1: Calcium Scoring as First-Line Test in GP Patients

The Challenge in Early Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease in GP patients
F.H. Rutten, MD, PhD (UMCU)
Is there a role for Coronary Calcium Score in General Practice?
Prof. J.E. Wildberger, MD, PhD (MUMC)
American Perspective on Calcium Scoring
Prof. A.E. Stillman, MD, PhD (Emory University)


Coffee/Tea Break


Session 2: Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) Measurement

FFR: What do We Actually Measure?
T. van de Hoef, MD, PhD (AMC)
CT-FFR: Ready for Practice?
M. Voskuil, MD, PhD (UMCU)
Can Quantitative Coronary Angiography FFR Replace Pressure Wires?
Prof. P. van der Harst, MD, PhD (UMCG)
Value of Stressless FFR
Prof. N. van Royen, MD, PhD (UMCN)




Session 3: ECV and Mapping in Cardiomyopathy

Quantitative Mapping Techniques: The Basics
Prof. H.J. Lamb, MSc, MD, PhD (LUMC)
Rest-Stress T1 and T1-Reactivity in Patients With and Without Coronary Artery Disease
M. van Assen, MSc (UMCG/MUSC)
T1 Mapping & ECV - Ready for Prime Time?
J. Habets, MD, PhD (UMCU)
T2 Mapping - Applications and Limitations
R.N. Planken, MD, PhD (AMC)
Effect of Caffeine Intake on Myocardial Blood Flow
R. van Dijk, MD (UMCG)

19 January 2018


Session 4: Machine Learning in Cardiovascular Imaging

Introduction to Radiomics and Machine Learning
L. Hogeweg, PhD (COSMONIO)
Initial Experience with Machine Learing in Cardiovascular Imaging
J.M. Wolterink, PhD (UMCU)
Clinical Perspective
Prof. T. Leiner, MD, PhD (UMCU)


Coffee/Tea Break


Session 5: Myocardial Perfusion Quantification

SPECT: Requiem or Revival?
H. Verberne, MD, PhD (AMC)
MRI: The New Gold Standard?
Prof. M. Oudkerk, MD, PhD (UMCG)
PET is It!
E. Garcia, MD (Emory University)
CT: Absolute Quantification Within Dose Limits?
Prof. T. Leiner, MD, PhD (UMCU)


Session 6: Paradigm Shifts

The AMACING Study - To Hydrate or Not to Hydrate?
Prof. J.E. Wildberger, MD, PhD (MUMC)
The Splenic Switch Off Sign
Prof. M. Oudkerk, MD, PhD (UMCG)
Paradigm Shift from Therapeutic to Preventive Purposes in Imaging of Coronary Artery Disease: Learn from CRONOS-ADM Registry
Prof. J. Im Jung, MD, PhD (Catholic Hospital Seoul)
How We Move to Low Dose and Low Contrast Cardiac CT Angiography in the New Era
Prof. T.H. Kim, MD, PhD (Yonsei University Health System)




Session 7: Selected EPOS Poster Presentations


Session 8: US Frontiers in Cardiac Imaging

Role of Image Processing in Cardiac CT
Prof. H.I. Litt, MD. PhD (University of Pennsylvania)
A. Pourmorteza, MD, PhD (Emory University)
PET-MR: Is the Whole Greater than the Sum of the Parts?
Prof. P. Woodard, MD, PhD (Washington University School of Medicine)
Clinical Decision Support Systems in Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
E. Garcia, MD, PhD (Emory University)

20 January 2018


Session 9: Imaging in Grown Ups with Congenital Heart
Disease (GUCH)

Basics of GUCH Imaging protocol
Prof. H.I. Litt, MD, PhD (University of Pennsylvania)
When CT? when MR?
H.B. Grotenhuis, MD, PhD (WKZ)
Most common clinical GUCH questions
R.N. Planken, MD, PhD (AMC)


Coffee/Tea Break


Session 10: Indications for Invasive Coronary Angiography

What does the Interventional Cardiologist want from Non-Invasive Imagers?
Prof. P. van der Harst, MD, PhD (UMCG)
Shortcomings of Non-Invasive Techniques
Prof. T. Leiner, MD, PhD (UMCU)
Diagnostic Evaluation in Suspected NSTE-ACS
M. Smuiders, MD, PhD (MUMC)


Session 11: Cardiac Imaging Strategies in Women

Cardiovascular Imaging in Women: A Holistic Perspective
Prof. A.H.E.M. Maas, MD, PhD (UMCN)
Unmasking Elevated Cardiovascualr Risk in Young Women with Imaging
Prof. B.K. Velthuis, MD, PhD (UMCU)
Myocardial Infarction in Women, a Diagnostic Challenge
A. van 't Hof, MD, PhD (MUMC)




Session 12: Dual Energy CTA

DECT in Pulmonary Imaging
Prof. E.J. van Beek, MD, PhD (University of Edinburgh)
DECT: Opportunities in the Heart
Prof. R. Vliegenthart, MD, PhD (UMCG)
Update on Photon Counting CT
A. Pourmorteza, MD, PhD (Emory University)


Session 13: Local Caribbean/South-American Session

Imaging in Pulmonary Hypertension and Thromboembolic Pulmonary Disease
J.C. Aldana, MD, (Fundacion Clinica Shaio, Colombia)
Cardiology in Sint Martin
M.I. Sedney, MD, PhD (St. Martin Medical Center)
Cardiovascular Imaging Modalities Integration in the Modern Era - a Case of Success in Brazil
R. Cerci, MD, PhD (Quanta - Diagnóstico e Terapia, Brazil)
Rheumatic Heart Disease is Alive and Well
C.J. Herrera, MD (Centro Cardiovascular, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)


Closing Remarks, EPOS Award, and Closing of the Meeting

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