Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for applying for the study programme International Business (IB). We are excited to welcome you to Rotterdam Business School. 

Please join the course Pre Academic Learning programme 2022 in which you will learn to improve your chances of success. This course is not mandatory but once you have registered, we do expect an active participation. 

Why do we offer the Pre Academic Learning programme?

The leap from your previous education to university can feel daunting according to many first year students. It is our desire to make sure you start well-prepared. As a dedicated first-year-student, you certainly want to take every chance offered during your student days. Rotterdam Business School (RBS) organises the Pre Academic Learning programme, with the theme "Improve your chances of success." During this inspiring course period before the start of the academic year, you will learn everything you need to know to start International Business well-prepared.


The Pre Academic Learning programme in short

Through a digital course you encounter a variety of themes which will help you to be a successful student.

  • Learn to study effectively and develop your ability to achieve
  • Develop your personal leadership skills and create success
  • Get to know you fellow students and the academic culture

All in all: a perfect start of your student life at Rotterdam Business School.


What does the course look like? 

Through digital lectures, videos, individual assignments and group assigments you will:

  • Develop insight in your ability to achieve and in your personal study strategy
    Curiosity and motivation are essential characteristics to study effectively! What works for you and what doesn't? How does your experience help you to find an effective study routine? Learn how you can study effectively and which characteristics you need for this. Get to know our current students and learn from their tips and tricks. Deepen your concentration and the power of repetition. Together we will form a sufficient basis for your effective studentcareer.
  • Develop your personal leadership skills and create success
    How can you use your personal characteristics to create success? You will gain insight in your own ability to achieve and will receive tools to improve your achievements and to create success. What is it that makes you unique?
  • Get to know your fellow students and the academic culture
    Which characteristics of your study programme are essential in the academic culture? Get to know our culture so that you will feel at home at the university. Get to know your fellow students (digitally) and gain experience in networking and collaborating at a high level, which is an essential skill in this dynamic and complex world.


The Pre Academic Programme is held from 2 June until 7 July 2022. You will attend this course digitally and you can attend the modules at your own pace and complete the assignments individually. Also, every week you will meet online with your fellow students for a group meeting once a week. 

We hope to meet you during this course and don't forget to register before 29 May. 



Kind regards,


RBS PAL programme 2022