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Partnerships and collective impact initiatives are multiplying across the globe, but how do we support those guiding and leading partnerships to achieve the “more than the sum of the parts” results we are all seeking?

There is a growing demand worldwide from all sectors for greater competence in scoping and managing the partnering process in non-traditional partnerships and cross-sector collaboration.

Drawing on global experience and designed to appeal to all types of learners from diverse sectors, this course balances conceptual and practical learning. It creates a safe space to support personal and professional development and is designed specifically for those involved in the challenging work of supporting and leading multi-sector collaborations.

partnership ‘broker’ is someone who works as an intermediary building effective and innovative collaboration.

Partnership brokers can be either internal – responsible for negotiating or managing partnerships on behalf of their organisation – or external – those offering independent partnership brokering services. 

Objectives of the training: 

  • Deepen understanding of professional partnership process management (partnership brokering)
  • Introduce partnership brokering concepts and practical tools
  • Build key skills and professional confidence in this field
  • Explore innovative approaches to problem-solving and transformative    interventions
  • Promote a ‘reflective’ approach to professional practice and partnership brokering good practice principles
  • Create new knowledge about partnership brokering and its value 


The course provides:

  • Frameworks for creating robust, efficient and innovative partnerships
  • Unique, fit for purpose tools and techniques for brokering partnerships that get results
  • A set of common partnership principles, to drive values-based partnerships for stronger results 
  • Ways to overcome common partnership challenges with practical and proven approaches 
  • Personal and professional insights that build competencies to support successful partnerships 
  • Enhanced confidence and competence as a partnership practitioner
  • Membership in a global professional association and a local community of practice

For whom?
To be accepted onto the course, applicants should be active partnership practitioners involved in the management and development of multi-stakeholder partnerships

Partnership Brokers Association
The Partnership Brokers training is part of the globally recognized Partnership Brokers Training Scheme from the Partnership Brokers Association.  The Partnership Brokers Association is the international professional body for those managing and developing collaboration processes.


The training fee is € 1700,00 (excl. 21% VAT). There is € 100,00 discount for early birds (registration until 1 April 2022)


(Minimum number of participants for the training to run is 12). 
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