The EURON network can be a strong back-bone for various grant applications at the regional and EU level. A primary objective of the PI-meeting is to highlight these opportunities for all PI's of EURON.

Further, we have experienced that an initial level of collaboration between EURON researchers would benefit grant applications. Therefore, a second objective is to stimulate collaborative initiatives within the EURON framework.
Specifically, we would like to prepare for the 2023 COFUND call (deadline 9 Feb, 2023). COFUND will co-finance collaborative projects, provided some mutual investment of collaborators is available. During the PI meeting, we will in detail explore these possibilities.

Finally, in general, we hope that connecting EURON researchers will benefit your PhD students, for example by increasing the opportunities to use the EURON Mobility grant, or to find partners for Marie Curie Individual post-doc Fellowships.
In the first session, experts in European grant policy (advisors of MHeNs) will explain the different funding possibilities, their background, and strengths of the EURON network for these grants.

Main objectives:

  • to facilitate EURON researchers to connect, and to encourage collaborations between EURON PI's;
  • to define strategies for preparing European grant applications with EURON partners.