Pro2Tech Annual Event


Dear Pro2Tech members,

The 2023 Pro2Tech Annual Event will take place in the Art Center in Delft on 15th June 9.30-17.00. We will ensure the program excites our PhD students/postdocs/EngD and Principle Investigators. We start jointly by focusing on our mission and strategy and will highlight some major new Pro2Tech themes: Industrial Heat, Sanitation Wastewater and Scalable Personalised Medicine. After lunch, there will be a poster award and a workshop on Story Telling (=how to communicate your work and make it relevant in the ‘bigger picture’) for the PhD students/postdocs/ EngD. At the same time, the Principal Investigators will jointly work on joint research plans and proposals on the identified themes.

Please register for the Annual Event via the following link:

We are looking forward to see you all at the Annual Event!

Kind regards,

Johan Padding and John Nijenhuis


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