Special editon: Q-meeting

Speeding up the energy transition by collaboration on Offshore Wind

The energy transition is a crucial weapon in the fight against climate change – our biggest challenge. Only if our energy system is carbon neutral by 2050 will we mitigate the effects of climate change. But at the current pace, we will not get there in thirty years’ time. That is why “speeding up the energy transition” is the theme for our 180th anniversary year – a year in which we celebrate our active role in the energy transition.

As TU Delft, we have a special responsibility to use our knowledge to make the world a better place. While knowledge is our gift to humankind, we cannot create an impact on our own. We do it together, with our stakeholders and our Delft community; this is how our campus becomes the Home of Innovation, a dynamic place full of creativity and constantly evolving. We gear all our efforts towards accelerating the energy transition with ongoing research, new lab initiatives and educating engineers for a sustainable world. The ultimate goal is a clean, affordable, safe and reliable energy system to hold climate change in check. It is a complex and interconnected challenge, and that is all the more reason to give it our all.

Offshore wind plays a crucial role in the energy transition, and collaboration is key in accelerating the development and innovation of offshore wind energy. By bringing the Q-meeting to TU Delft, we want to emphasize that the impact created by research and innovations require close collaboration with industry, governments and NGO's. With this special DIES event, we want to celebrate and share ambitions on future activities, including Floating Renewables, where we aim to continue and intensify the collaboration with our partners. Therefore, we organize this Special Edition Q-meeting on April 20, from 16:30 - 21:30 CET in the Aula on TU Delft campus. Let's speed up the energy transition by collaborating on Offshore Wind!