Due to the Corona situation, we will cancel the physical conference 'Responsible Scaling of Co-Creation'
We are currently deciding on how to organise a series of digital events.
More information will follow soon.

What does the future of innovation look like? Current developments in various fields suggest that innovation will become increasingly co-creative. In order to meet the increasingly complex and global societal challenges, innovation must involve different societal stakeholders: citizens, public administration, companies and knowledge institutes.

Co-creation initiatives are popping up in different places, different contexts and a variety of technological fields. This conference will explore the ethics and politics of co-creation. It will do so by analysing the apparent paradox between the (cultural, political, social) local situatedness of co-creation practices and the (perceived) need for generalizing, transferring, or ‘scaling up’ co-creation practices to different socio-cultural settings. In the conference, we will engage with the question: How can co-creation be scaled up responsibly?

The conference is part of the SCALINGS.eu H2020 project. The conference will bring together practitioners, policy-makers and academics in the fields of Urban Energy, Robotics and Autonomous Driving.

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