Signal Integrity techniques & Wisdom Workshop & Seminar September 4 & 5


Workshop - Monday, September 4th 13.00-17.00

Seminar - Tuesday, September 5th 09.00-17.00

Location: Technolution, Gouda, The Netherlands


Signal integrity can be hard to fathom. How do you manage the risks in the architecture of your new high-speed electronics solution? Is it better to integrate a System-on-Module, or to create a layout for a custom PCB? What about DDR3 or LPDDR5 and PCIe5/6 compliance? What is the right mix of simulation and measurement? In fact, should you worry about signal integrity at all? What are its fundamental principles anyway? What are the best practices for lay outing high speed PCBs?


These, and many more questions will be answered in the full-day in-person seminar on September 5th, 2023. Share your expertise and connect with cutting-edge partners from all across the Benelux. Feel free to join the party the day before (September 4th) for a test ride of Keysight ADS High Speed Digital design tools.


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