We are delighted that you will participate in the Summit on AI and Predictive Health that takes place on Tuesday 27 September 2022 at Omnia - Wageningen Campus. Please note that:

  • Participation in the event is free of charge;
  • Registration is mandatory, regardless of your role (participant or contributor/speaker);
  • After having submitted the form, you can adjust your information. Please refer to the confirmation email received. 
  • For the full summit programme,  please refer to the website.  




During the summit, four parallel breakout sessions will take place. Please indicate below which session you would like to attend. When you select a session, more information about that session pops up. 

SESSION 1: AI Lab: Best practices for public-private and public-public cooperation on research and education

Facilitator:   Laurence Frank, Liaison officer AI for Health, Utrecht University 
Short description: This session shows how the Utrecht AI Labs are set up and organised. Next, some projects of one of the labs, AI for Healthy Living, are presented.      
  • Thomas Dohmen, Director Utrecht AI Labs  
  • Other presenters to be announced soon   


SESSION 2: AI research, development and implementation in the healthcare setting

Facilitator:     Harry Pijl, Program Manager Board of Directors UMCU  
Short description:  Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions are transforming the field of healthcare. Healthcare institutes have accumulated vast data sets in the form of health records and images, population data, and clinical trial data. AI technologies are well suited to analyse this data and uncover patterns and insights that can be used to both optimize and improve the healthcare of today and in the future. Let our presenters take you through a cross section of AI developments in the hospital setting
  • Sam van Beuningen, Senior Researcher / Jeffrey Beekman, Prof. Cellular models (UMC) 
  • Eline de Groot, Researcher Neonatology / Jeroen Dudink, Neonatologist / Senior researcher (UMC) 
  • Teus Kappen, Chief Science Information Officer/ Anesthesiologist (UMC) 
  • Kees de Schepper, Researcher Data science / Rosanne Turner, Researcher Machine learning (UMC) 

SESSION 3: Leveraging AI for healthy and sustainable living and society

Facilitator:      Martine van der Mast, Programme Director of Institute for Preventive Health  
Short description:  AI could play a crucial role in addressing the most fundamental challenges of our society. Get examples from our presenters on the role that AI could play, and is playing, in achieving healthy and sustainable living and society. 
  • Guido Camps, Senior Researcher at Human Nutrition & Health (WUR)  
  • Spencer Moore Jr., Chair and Professor at Health and Society (WUR) 
  • Ricardo da Silva Torres, Professor in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence of Wageningen Data Competence Center (WUR)
  • Alexander Klippel, Chair of the Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing from Environmental Sciences Group (WUR) 

SESSION 4: The Future and the Now of the Healthcare, and the challenges on the way in between 

Facilitator:    Dasha Alexeeva, TU/e programme manager & liaison officer at AI for Health and Institute for Preventive Health, EWUU   
Short description:  The presenters of the session will provide deeper insights into the digital twin technology as a game changer for healthcare and will talk about the existing challenges at the panel discussion: ‘What challenges do researchers see in the use of digital twin for advancement of health and how to overcome them?’.   
  • Shane O’Seasnain, Director Program Board EAISI (TU/e)  
  • Shauna O’Donovan, Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering & Computational Biology (TU/e)  
  • Theo Arentze, Professor at Built Environment (TU/e) 

SESSION 5: Inclusive training datasets for text mining purposes

Facilitator:    Rens van de Schoot, professor at UU and coordinator of the SIG on Active Learning    
Short description:  Using three use cases (ASReview, OpenAlex, and Electronic Health Records), the presenters will demonstrate the importance of high-quality training data for text mining purposes. The discussion will focus on the importance of inclusive training datasets covering more than just the western world. Jointly we will establish a set of requirements for inclusive training data.
  • Ayoub Bagheri - Assistant Professor in the area of Applied Data Science at Utrecht University
  • Jelle Teijema, maintainer of Makita, an open-source simulation toolkit for text mining (UU)
  • Tijmen Altena - CTO IDfuse/Impacter 
  • Anastasia Giachanou - Assistant Professor in the area of Applied Data Science at Utrecht University

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