These tickets are for master's students only. Are you in another year of study, and you would really like to participate? Then contact us via this link and explain your motivation to participate. At the entrance, we may ask for your student ID card.




Connecting frontrunners

Are you seeking particular knowledge or do you have a message you'd like to share with the community regarding sustainable healthcare through MedTech deployment? Please enter your information below. Your message will be shared at the event; attendees can respond to it while visiting the poster boards and Connecting frontrunners rooms. 


As a participant of the event, you have to fill in personal data. With this data, we can inform you about the practical aspects of the event. We will handle your personal data with care and will not use your data to inform you about other activities unless you indicate that you agree to this. Keep in mind that all acquired visual material (photos/videos) during the event will be published by the organization as a report of the event (not for promotional purposes).

Ticket selection required, however there are no tickets available. Please contact the organiser.

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