Live lecture: Testimony of a Holocaust Survivor


Wednesday 4 May, 20:30

St Janskerk, Vrijthof 24, Maastricht


Eva Schloss

Holocaust Survivor, Peace Activist and International Speaker


In 1938, Eva’s family emigrated to Amsterdam, after the annexation of Austria by the Nazis. Here, Eva met Anne Frank, who lived on the same square in Amsterdam. Just a month apart in age, the girls became friends and playmates. In 1942, the two girls went into hiding to avoid being captured by the Nazis. However, fate pursued them. In 1944, they and their families were captured by the Nazis and transported to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi concentration camps. Eva’s father and brother did not survive, but she and her mother were freed in 1945. After the war, Eva’s mother married Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father. So Anne Frank is Eva’s posthumous stepsister.


Tonight, Eva Schloss, one of the most iconic figures of Jewish history and of one of its most painful chapters, will tell her story of surviving the Holocaust.

04 May 2022

20:30 - 22:00