Football Tournament 2023




Dear TNW colleagues and thesis students,

The ChemE Events Committee, together with the department managers of TNW, is organizing a faculty-wide outdoor football tournament.

Wednesday, October 4th at X TU Delft.
We will start at 12:45h on the day with the first match kicking-off at 13h. The Final is expected to finish at 18h with a borrel afterwards.

Teams & Referees
We encourage to make mixed teams of (male, female and genderfluid)  students and employees, within your department. This is a fun tournament so no problem if you have never played football before. Each team should have at least 5 employees. Please note that there is a limit of total 16 teams for this tournament. Initially, each department of TNW is allowed to register a maximum of 3 teams. It is not possible for an employee belonging to a certain department to register with a team from another department.
The outdoor football will be in a 7v7 format, with the teams from different groups first playing round robin matches within the group and then progressing to the knockout round. Unlimited number of changes are allowed during a match, and in general, it is recommended to form a team with ~10 players. The match lasts 2x15 minutes (with 3m break).
If no volunteers sign up to referee, someone from each team will have to be designated to whistle at a game.
The WINNER will receive a well-deserved trophy!!

Registration & fee
Are you joining? The team captain can register a team. Please provide us the names of your team by email. Deadline for registration: 22-09-2023.
A registration fee of €5 p.p. will be collected before the tournament. The team captain will be contacted about this payment in the days following the closing of the registration phase. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are hoping to see you in large numbers at this tournament.

Kind regards,

The ChemE Events Committee
Questions? Please contact:

PS: subject to field availability