Welcome at our MHeNs one-day workshop for PhD students:

Topics in Translational Neuroscience
Machine Learning / AI

 26 January 2024 


MHeNs organises a course for PhD candidates in neuroscience about the application  of artificial intelligence and machine learning in neuroscience and education. Part of this Topics in Translational Neuroscience workshop are interactive sessions, one in which participants will reflect on the use of AI and machine learning for their own research and a second session will be devoted to the societal implications of AI and machine learning from a societal perspective.

We have invited several researchers working in this field to give broad introductions to the relevant topics, such as: defining AI and machine learning, applied examples in neuroscience, application of ChatGPT in science and education, philosophical issues and societal implications.


Location: Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht.