Are you a professional looking for opportunities to develop yourself in a fast-changing labour market? Would you like to learn new skills to keep up, and at the same time create meaningful impact? Join us for the very first edition of the UM Connect Day, which takes place on Saturday 14 October at Tapijnkazerne, Maastricht.

Get inspired, expand your network and become acquainted with the wide range of development opportunities within the UM. You can join several interactive breakout sessions, provided by internal UM parties. We kick off plenary with interesting speakers and wrap up with a festive barbeque. 


Practical info

When: Saturday 14 October 2023

Where: Tapijnkazerne 11, 6211 ME Maastricht

Time: 14.00 till approx. 22.00

Language: all sessions will be in English

Entrance fee: 10,-*. Capacity is limited, so do not wait too long!

* All proceeds are donated to the new Equity and Inclusion Programme of the University Fund Limburg.

The programme facilitates scholarships for underprivileged youth from the region, and supports projects focused on equality at UM.

Want to stay over in Maastricht? Book a room at The Social Hub with 15% discount using the code 'UMXALUMNI'. Please note that you have to book from their own website.


Lifelong development

The world is changing fast. We face many transitions, creating both challenges as well as opportunities, which inevitably reflects on the equally transforming labour market. What will our working situation look like in, let’s say, 10 to 15 years? What impact will AI and automation have on our jobs? And how about the climate discussion, the ever-increasing globalization, the energy transition, and the challenges we face in healthcare? Just to name a few. In this complex landscape, professionals are expected to act fast, proactive and be flexible. Acquiring new knowledge and skills is essential in this, in order to keep up and at the same time create meaningful impact. By offering good, labour market-oriented education and training, UM can contribute to a better labour market position for its students, employees, alumni, and people in the region, regardless of their age, experience, and educational background. The UM would like to contribute to solving societal challenges arising from the various transitions and reduce the gap between supply and demand of knowledge and skills in the region.

Find more information about the break out sessions here.