UM Pride Interactive Lecture Wednesday 28 June 18.15-20:30
Location: Paarse Zaal UNS50, Randwyck Campus
Presenters: Thomas Gültzow and Hanne Zimmermann

Making research look like the world looks
This quote was adapted from one first said by Shonda Rhimes, known for TV hits “Scandal,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “How to Get Away With Murder”. In a speech she gave at the Human Rights Campaign Gala in the US, she said she has a problem with the word ‘diversity’. In her words: “I really hate the word ‘diversity.’ It suggests something… other. As if it is something … special. Or rare. As if there is something unusual about telling stories involving women and people of color and LGBTQ characters on TV. I have a different word: normalizing. I’m normalizing TV. I am making TV look like the world looks”.

We believe a similar thing is often happening in research. Research is often not covering all parts of society and does not look like the world looks. In this lecture, Thomas Gültzow and Hanne Zimmermann, both assistant professors, will provide you with some background information and strategies that we can use in research to improve this. Don’t worry, the lecture will be interactive and we are interested in hearing your perspectives too!

Please join the discussion and help us to make research look like the world looks!