(Un)covering Europe: a Franco-Dutch perspective on the future of European journalism

Saturday 5 March 2022 (11 am - 12.30 pm)


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Freedom of press and expression is under threat in Europe. Media independence and media pluralism are under pressure in member states such as Poland and Hungary where laws are being adopted that incriminate the activities of certain media outlets. In other member states, journalists have to fear for their lives when covering corruption scandals.  At the same time, European media undergo change because of new technologies but also due to the polarization among media outlets and their readers. Considering this, what does the future of journalism in Europe look like?

On the 5th of March [11 am-12.30 pm, Café Charlemagne], the Institut français des Pays-Bas, Studio Europa Maastricht and the European Journalism Centre organize a discussion with Dutch and French journalists about the state of journalism in Europe.

Director of the European Journalism Centre Lars Boering and Dutch EU correspondent Lise Witteman will exchange their views with French journalists Sylvain Bourmeau and Ludovic Lamant. How do they cover European affairs and each other countries for their respective media? How do ideas and critical opinion pieces feed the public debate in both countries? And can new forms of journalism address the polarization among media outlets and their readers?

The event will be moderated by Annelies van Rijen and Job Zomerplaag, both program editors at Studio Europa Maastricht. There will be ample opportunities for audience members to engage in the discussion and ask questions to the speakers.

It will be part of the official program organized by the French Embassy in the Netherlands/Institut français des Pays-Bas in the framework of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The opening remarks will be provided by the French Ambassador to the Netherlands, Luis Vassy.


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* Livestream on Youtube 

The event will also be live-streamed on Studio Europa's YouTube channel. Please visit their channel through this link.


* Lunch and drinks

Free drinks and lunch will be offered to all those attending the event at Café Charlemagne.


* Speakers:

  • Lise Witteman is a Dutch correspondent covering EU affairs for Follow the Money, De Groene Amsterdammer, Vrij Nederland and others. She has been based in Brussels since 2018, after a career as political reporter in The Hague. Witteman is co-initiator of The Schuman Show, an EU comedy initiative and author of a book on the hidden EU agenda of the Dutch government: 'Sluiproute Brussel' (2021).
  • Lars Boering is the director of the European Journalism Centre and has been actively involved with journalism, photography, and art for several years. Previously he was the director of the World Press Photo Foundation and managing director of the Dutch Photographers’ Association.
  • Ludovic Lamant is a French journalist who worked between 2012 and 2017 as an EU correspondent in Brussels. Back in Paris, he writes for Mediapart on European affairs. Lamant coordinated the editorial line for Mediapart on the European elections in 2019. 
  • Sylvain Bourmeau is editor-in-chief of Analyse, Opinion, Critique (AOC) and radioshow host of La Suite des Idées on France Culture. He launched the new media outlet AOC in 2018 and published his first book Battonage about his experiences in the press. He previously worked as a co-editor in chief for the French newspaper Libération and the magazine Les Inrockuptibles.