Workshop WP4-GVNL

Questionnaire for preparation of the workshop:

What innovation is required to bring electrified process technology faster to the market considering low TRL (<4) and/or higher TRL (4+) levels?

What are the main scientific challenges or technical bottlenecks and risks (both system and component level/multi-disciplinarity) to be overcome in your view, and how can we mitigate these risks?

Do you see bottlenecks in raw materials selection (e.g. rare earth metals) and/or feedstock purity, etc.?

If you had to choose one route, which electrified CO2 conversion route would you select for investment?

Which selection criteria would you identify for novel technologies? E.g. technologies with a seriously reduced fossil input, or CO2 capture from point sources (technologies in transition)

To what level must your (future) process be able to follow electricity market price dynamics (due to intermittency) with stable production capacity?

Is a TRL4 to TRL6 development of a fully integrated process (e.g. CO2 capture and conversion) with its potential high efficiencies of interest for you?