X!LEAD kick-off

How social capital impacts organizations and innovation

In March, the third cohort of X!LEAD trainees -the juniors- start their journey to become true innovators. At the same time, the trainees from the second cohort -the seniors- embark on their last project in the X!LEAD journey.

We invite you to celebrate this special moment with us on Wednesday, April 6, from 15:00 - 18:00 at Robohouse in Delft during our X!LEAD kick-off event. This event is the opportunity to meet all 23 trainees of both X!LEAD editions, and we will zoom in on how social capital impacts organizations and innovation.

In X!LEAD, we aim to develop and empower our trainees to become true innovators who make a meaningful and sustainable impact. We do not do this alone; we do this in co-creation with you: start-ups, scale-ups, field labs, our talents, corporates, and other experts in the area of innovation and talent management.

In our research regarding the profile of the future innovation leader we spoke to Lotte Glaser from COFRA. At the kick-off event she shares insights from her research on social capital:

"Today's disruptive environment has taught us that you can't solve complex societal challenges with just one person. An interesting point of view is, how well can someone establish and make value out of relationships and ecosystems? Social capital - networks of relationships and interplay among people - has become equally important. Human and Social capital are both productive: they make it possible to achieve certain ends which couldn't be achieved without it." – Lotte Glaser, Head of Ecosystem Development at COFRA Holding & Associate Professor on Strategic Entrepreneurship and Leadership at the VU and the EUR.

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We will take photos and shoot a video during this event to use on our social media, website and for promotional activities. If you wish to not be captured recognisable, let us know via e-mail.