Need to know in the Netherlands: A Crash Course on Dutch Talent


As you well know, there’s a global war for talent. The scarcity of the right workers with the right skills can be a significant bottleneck for businesses and their subsidiaries operating abroad. Fortunately, the Netherlands has a deep talent pool with an exceptional track record of attracting people from around the world thanks to our powerful Highly Skilled Migrant Visa program
Please join us for an information-packed webinar on how the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency’s Atlanta office, along with our Invest in Holland partners, can assist you in making the most of acquiring both Dutch and expat talent tailored to your specific needs. To achieve maximum synergy, we have carefully selected both US headquarters and their Dutch subsidiaries to participate in this webinar. 

During the webinar we will have a presentation by Expert Speaker Monique Ramondt from Eurodev and success stories by PRA Health Sciences, an ICON Company and o9 Solutions.


Radboud van Trigt, Senior Director of Bioanalytical Science at PRA, an ICON company will elaborate on how to attract the right talent through collaboration with your competitors and educational institutes, as well as why the turnover rate is so low in the Netherlands.

Mitchell Smit, Director, Strategy & Operations at o9 Solutions will elaborate on how they were successful in attracting international talent and how increasing their brand awareness in the EU has helped them in attracting talent


This online presentation will be held on Thursday, September 30 at 10 am EST/4 pm CEST.


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