Journey towards easier application management

We all know that the GE Smallworld platform is the most robust Spatial Asset Management tool available in the market today. Sometimes however, that robustness can cause customers to struggle with its maintenance, upgrades and migrations. During the week of October 11-15, we will be conducting daily seminars about how Diagnostics can assist you in overcoming these struggles. We will go on a five-day journey where we will conduct daily remote session of approximately 30 minutes to see in depth monitoring that simplifies your Smallworld Asset Management system. 

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We take you from the common reactive operation of fire-fighting to a data supported proactive approach.

Some highlights: 

  • Privacy in Europe is a difficult issue to deal with. But not only Europe struggles with privacy regulations, Canada, Southern Americas and states like California have also introduced privacy regulations like GDPR. 
  • A customer-based session demonstrating how KPI's can move you towards proactive maintenance using your Spatial Asset Management system. 
  • Not all monitoring solutions are created equal. What is the difference?
  • The last session is an interactive session about the future of application management.
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