Convergence Ethics – Matchmaking & Roundtable

DECEMBER 14th at 15:00 via ZOOM


When proposing an innovative project that utilises or develops new medical technologies, we need to consider issues like social impact and stakeholder uptake at the earliest stages of project team formation and planning.

During this 90 minute session, we will (i) present a few key strategies and ideas for embedding ethics in your research project plan, (ii) contribute from our own expertise to help you highlight key points in your plan when ethical issues are likely to arise, and (iii) help you find team members or advisors where needed, so that addressing ethical issues can be an active part of your strategic approach. The Converging Ethics for Converging Technologies project team will lead the event with the help of ethics experts from all three Convergence institutes, Erasmus University, Erasmus Medical Center and Delft University of Technology.

When you register, you will be asked about any key issues that you already foresee as being important to your project team, or gaps in your expertise that you would like help filling. These answers will help us prepare a team and content for the activity.