Workshop - Discover your competences

  • How do I get insight into what I want and can do?
  • How do I distinguish myself from others? In what way do I make a difference?
  • Where do I start if I want to know what to do after my study?
  • What is my motivation in my work?


Do you recognise these questions? Or do you have more questions regarding this topic? Then this is the workshop for you!


At the end of this workshop, you will be able to...

  • identify your competencies, needs and wishes for a future job or career;
  • reflect on its significance when making career and study choices;
  • determine a starting point for entering the labour market; and
  • present yourself with your professional qualities to others in a short conversation and a written personal summary.



For this workshop, you need to do a homework assignment. You will receive this assignment in the confirmation email as soon as you have registered for the workshop.


Opinions of other students on Discover your competences:

  • "Very good approach, building up to the personal profile step by step.”
  • “This workshop is connecting my personality to my options on the labour market.”
  • “I received specific feedback on my personal profile.”
  • “It was clear, concise, with actionable feedback points."


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In the meantime...

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