Workshop - Me, myself and I

  • Do you sometimes feel lost?
  • Do you struggle with yourself and certain situations?
  • How can I deal with issues in a more helpful way?


In this trajectory, you will prepare a short home assignment to help you figure out what is important and meaningful in your life. During the workshop, we will use this as a starting point to figure out what gets in the way of living that meaningful life. You will learn to become aware of the bumps in the road and how to take action to bypass them. You will get useful links to further practice all lessons learnt at home.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to...

  • identify your personal values and qualities in life.
  • reproduce the control strategies that hold you back from living a meaningful life.
  • look at your limiting thoughts from different perspectives.
  • show self-compassion and acceptance towards negative feelings.


Opinions of other students on Me, myself and I:

  • “The feeling of finding a moment of calm and self-reflection in the midst of all this chaos was really refreshing.”
  • “The activities, especially the homework regarding personal values was really useful for me.”
  • “I just feel like I just came out of this meeting with an approach on how to finally tackle my spiral of worries and anxiety.”


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