Introducing phits+: The Next Step for 3D-Printed Orthotics

Since launching in 2014, phits orthotics and Materialise Phits Suite have made a world of difference for foot and ankle experts and their patients. Now, it’s time to take the next step in 3D-printed orthotics, as we unveil a new orthotic design and core updates to our design wizard that makes it more flexible and user-friendly than ever. 
Join Materialise Founder Fried Vancraen and our Materialise Phits Suite experts as they officially reveal these exciting changes and walk you through the next generation of phits custom orthotics.


In this webinar: 


Hear why and how Materialise began developing 3D-printed orthotics   

Learn the importance of using dynamic measurements to create truly personalized orthotics   

See how visualizing the average pressure on the insole’s design allows you to make the best possible adaptations   

Discover how flexibility is enhanced through a range of new and enhanced correction options, including custom center of pressure lines   

Find out how you can keep track of every design change in a single interface and order orthotics in as few as three clicks with our latest software update  

Learn all there is to know about every other exciting change that phits+ has to offer   

Hear the thoughts of our research partner on the future of custom orthotics 

And join in with our live Q&A session!


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