Fried Vancraen 

Materialise Founder and CEO 

Since founding Materialise in 1990, Fried has embarked on a mission to create a better and healthier world through additive manufacturing hardware and software. Having experienced the time-consuming process of acquiring traditional orthotics for his family year after year — often with disappointing results — Fried decided to use this knowledge and take matters into his own hands. Together with expert partners in the field, he helped create the first generation of phits orthotics.

Fien Burg 

Research and Production Manager 

Since 2014, Fien has helped manage the research and development of Materialise Phits Suite and phits orthotics. In her more than eight years at Materialise, she has played a key role in optimizing the software, hardware, and 3D-printed orthotics for foot and ankle experts and their patients around the world. 

Sander Van Nieuwenhoven 

Product Development Specialist  

With his background as a podiatrist and more than seven years of experience working with Materialise Phits Suite, Sander knows all there is to know about its software, hardware, and 3D-printed orthotics. In roles such as an After-Sales Service Engineer, Project Manager, and Product/Solution Development Specialist, he has helped develop the ideal solution for foot and ankle experts, bringing valuable knowledge from both sides of the table.  

Maarten Eerdekens 

Software Research Engineer | Product Owner Materialise footscan 

A Ph.D. researcher with expertise in human ankle and foot biomechanics, Maarten is dedicated to helping solve the world’s healthcare problems through HealthTech and additive manufacturing solutions. Having bridged the gap between science and industry in his role as a Software Research Engineer and Product Owner for Materialise footscan, he plays a key role in optimizing footscan for foot and ankle experts.  

Ilse Jonkers 

Professor in Human Movement Biomechanics Research Group at KU Leuven

Ilse is a founding member of the KU Leuven Institute of Physics-Based Modeling for in silico Health (iSi Health). She and her group conduct highly competitive international research and produce leading and important contributions on the quantification of whole joint loading using multi-body simulation. Their work is known for the development of subject-specific musculoskeletal models containing a high level of anatomical detail.

Dr. Jenny Sanders

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Financial District Foot and Ankle Center

Dr. Sanders founded the Financial District Foot and Ankle Center in 2004 and has over twenty years of clinical and biomechanical experience. Her chief areas of clinical expertise include Biomechanics, Gait Analysis, Orthotic Therapy, Sports and Performance Podiatric Medicine, Injury Prevention, and Performance Shoe Fitting. 

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