School of Business and Economics

Tongersestraat 53
6211 LM Maastricht



How to get there?

- By train: Maastricht is directly accessible by train from the directions Eindhoven (for travellers coming from NL), Liege (for travellers coming from BE) and Aachen (for travellers coming from DE)

- By car: From the north (NL)/south (BE) take the A2/E25 for a direct connection. From the east (DE), take the A79 from Heerlen. From the west (BE), the E312/N2 or N79.

- By plane: The best connected airport is Eindhoven, with a bus connection to Eindhoven station for the train to Maastricht. Düsseldorf and Brussels are within 1.5 hours travel from Maastricht. Schiphol Airport has a direct train connection to Eindhoven, takes about 2.5 hours to Maastricht.