Pandemic preparedness through ventilation

Symposium P3Venti
Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Location: Binnenklimaat Nederland, Zoetermeer

Visit the P3Venti Symposium on Wednesday February 28 2024 in Zoetermeer! TNO and its partners are happy to discuss the benefits of ventilation and its role in preventing the spreading of viruses. At the symposium we will share our findings, and bring together science and practice in order to learn from each other and align our work. With inspiring speakers and active workshops we will make it an energetic day. Sign up now to learn from each other and join the conversation on how we can make the P3Venti research program even better aligned with the questions that arise in both science and practice.

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Cross-pollination between practice and research

P3Venti is at the intersection of science and practice. Findings or questions from one area of knowledge or one industry can be of great importance for other knowledge areas and branches. During this symposium we will share the research results of the P3Venti programme so far. We want to discuss the associated action perspective. How can we use the results for other studies? And what do they mean for my own healthcare institution? In addition, we want to retrieve which questions arise in the scientific field and within long-term healthcare institutions so that we can make the research programme even more in line with this.

Symposium participants

This symposium focuses on scientists in the field of virus spread and the role of ventilation in this as well as on practice: decision makers/administrators/directors, facility managers, property owners and care providers of long-term care institutions.

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