Dear members of our CAPHRI community,

We cordially invite you to the 2024 edition of the CAPHRI Research Day, on Wednesday June 19 at Kasteel Vaeshartelt in Maastricht. We look forward to this annual event where we can meet, share, and learn.

This year's theme is: "Fostering Wellbeing in our CAPHRI Community". 

At CAPHRI we strive to build and maintain a community that considers diversity, equity, and inclusion as important values. Our academic workplace is in transition and important themes, such as social safety, diversity & inclusivity, and ethics & integrity demand our attention and effort. Furthermore, it is imperative to adeptly navigate the complexities of our present reality within a diverse community comprising individuals from various generations, backgrounds, areas of expertise, and unique needs. During this CAPHRI Research Day, we would like to consider these important themes in a comprehensive way.

We are very pleased to welcome the Dutch Actors’ Society for the interactive, moderated morning session. They will produce several short scenes to illustrate various forms of unacceptable behaviour. The central question during the session is: Do you feel free to express yourself at our institute without fear of repercussion or reprisal? The scenes played can help trigger a provocative discussion among all stakeholders in our community.

In addition to this interactive morning session, we have composed a versatile program consisting of moderated discussions, a PhD poster session and several workshops. We warmly welcome all members of our CAPHRI community to join us during this annual research day to jointly address these important themes. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you on June 19, 

Silvia Evers (Scientific Director CAPHRI) and Sabina Bulic (Managing Director CAPHRI)