In the afternoon of Wednesday 21 September excursions to several interesting locations took place. The following excurions were organised, please click the name of the excursion to open the description:  

  1. Grote Nete Alluvial Forests and Landdunes
  2. National Park Hoge Kempen 
  3. Drowned Land of Saefthinge (estuarine nature reserve) 
  4. Zwin (estuarine nature reserve)
  5. City of Antwerp by bike 
  6. Nature based flood defense measures along the Scheldt river (Flood Control Area with Controlled Reduced Tide) 
  7. Ecological infrastructure in the Port of Antwerp 
  8. Cancelled
  9. De Wijers (Old wetland pond complexes)



The excursion were supported by:

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy