CO2 compensation

For the ES Antwerp conference we selected a local project which relates to the conference theme “Helping nature to help us” and with which we can offset our CO2 emissions slightly.

We are happy that we have raised €400 to donatein full to this project, thanks to the generous donations of some of the EU ES conference participants.

The Grote Netewoud project has been selected for this purpose. The main objective of this local project is to connect several existing nature reserves along the lowland river valleys of Grote Nete and Molse Nete. Via large-scale restoration and sustainable management, the valley will be able again to fulfill its natural ecosystem services (biodiversity, water storage, water purification, carbon sequestration, groundwater recharge, etc.). To ensure a long term protection, land is acquired before taking necessary restoration measures (removal of non-native species and illegal cottages and, filling up illegal fish ponds, excavation of phosphate enriched soil, cutting/girdling of monotonous plantations, removal of invasive species, improvement the river structure, solving fish migration bottlenecks, etc.) Afterwards spontaneous succession will lead to fully developed habitats, mainly rare alder carr forest. On a smaller scale also drier forest types and open habitats will be restored and managed. The restored inland dunes in the area are a good example.

The beneficiary and partners also aim to offer unique adventurous nature experiences and create public awareness that will remain in people’s minds. Stakeholders will be involved and win-win situations are sought by combining the strengths of different partners.

Via the LIFE+ fund the European Commission largely invests in the project area, designated as Natura 2000 site. Unfortunately a large part of the extremely valuable valley of the Molse Nete is not included in the Natura 2000 network. Especially here, Natuurpunt vzw, the project beneficiary, needs support for land acquisition and nature restoration. ES Antwerp offers you the opportunity to buy five square meter of ground for € 10,- through the registration form. If you wish, you can select more square meters to buy. All money raised with the ‘ES Antwerp ground’ will be donated to the Grote Netewoud project.

The Grote Nete valley and inland dune complexes will be one of the options for the excursions on Wednesday. You will be able to see the results of nature restoration and management. Of course, we hope to raise enough square meters to have a significant positive impact on both the Grote Netewoud and CO2 offset.



event registration made easy
 event registration made easy