Session D2: Networks & Data Integration

Tuesday April 4

14:15 - 15:45, room Azië


  • Mao Peng, Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute (14:15 - 14:37)
    Comparative analysis of basidiomycete transcriptomes reveals a core set of expressed genes encoding plant biomass degrading enzymes
  • Amadeo Muñoz García, Maastricht University (14:37 - 14:59)
    Pathway analysis applied to public transcriptomic data gives new insights into the role of vitamin D in immune system 
  • Agnieszka B. Wegrzyn, UMC Groningen/University of Groningen (14:59 - 15:21)
    Genome-scale metabolic analysis of fibroblasts from Refsum’s disease patients 
  • Matthias Heinemann, University of Groningen (PI-talk / Chair) (15:21 - 15:45)
    A CDK-independent metabolic oscillator orchestrates the budding yeast cell cycle


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